My $100 Campaign

My whole campaign budget is $100.00. I entered this race because I believe my ideas, ethics, and principles will serve our students and community better than the incumbent.

The incumbent is well-funded and spends big money. School board members are unpaid. Why does my opponent require so much capital to run her campaigns?

  • For this campaign, she has secured a $20,000 loan from her spouse, former State Treasurer Randall Edwards. In 2017, he also contributed $20,000.
  • In 2017, Stand For Children a PAC that employs Bobbie Regan, a vanquished PPS school board member, contributed $3,750.
  • In 2017, my opponent paid nearly $100,000 to Winning Mark, a full-service media and consulting firm, to run her campaign.

Our students are paying a steep price for her victory. She gets the money, clout, swoosh, and political connections, while our students get lost in the achievement gap and vision statements. I am offering a better way!

My campaign is about delivering quality public education to all of our students. You can help by sharing my website or writing a letter to the editor!

I am not accepting any money. If you’re here, you are obviously a very smart and caring individual, so donate to a charity that supports your values.

While there are many great causes, I am personally invested in the NW Sarcoma Foundation. In 2018, I had a solitary fibrous tumor removed at OHSU. It was a very scary time. The doctors, nurses, and social workers there changed my life. Northwest Sarcoma Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to providing education and support to patients and families who are living with this specific form of cancer. I am lucky. My tumor was a low-grade cancer. I am fully recovered, healthy, strong, and grateful.

Back to the election:


PPS needs a new direction with clear guideposts and great expectations for all of our students.

Let’s elevate our students’ academic performance so they can take their aspirations to the next level. Vote for Max Margolis by May 18th!

I appreciate you taking the time to check out my ideas! Stay safe! Be kind!

Sunrise first day of school 2019

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